Dental technicians

With years of experience in the dental field, you can trust the staff at B+M Techniques Ltd
to offer you professional services at competitive prices.

Let our experts create the dentures you require

We have the knowledge and skills to offer a personalised service to you depending on your needs. From chrome cobalt to gold coloured clasps, we can help you with a wide range of services tailored to your requirements.

We go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met, and your dental components perform to the standards required.

Why choose our services?

  • Experienced staff
  • We perform both private and NHS work
  • Members of the Dental Laboratory Association
  • Registered with General Dental Council
  • Denture repair service in 1 to 2 hours
  • The Natura Denture

    This range is designed for people who want a higher quality denture but at a more economical cost.

    This very high quality denture uses Natura denture teeth. Although these have fewer colour layers built in that the Enigma teeth used in the two top ranges, they still look incredibly lifelike.

    They use skillful shading and a subtle response to changing light conditions to achieve their remarkably life-like appearance. The acrylic base also uses Enigma High-Base, the special acrylic that has up to twice the resistance to denture breakage of standard pink plastic bases.

    Both Natura front and back teeth are guaranteed against excessive and abnormal wear for five years from the date your denture is first fitted.

    The Enigma System

    Enigma teeth are produced using advanced tooling and computer aided design to guarantee precise control of multiple coloured layers. Accurately reproducing the subtle colour variations found in natural teeth.

    Enigma teeth are available in 16 standard shades, A1-D4 in every mould, as well as the latest Hollywood shade HBO, which answers requests for younger looking restorations or to mach existing adjacent bleached teeth.

  • Subtle internal mamelons
  • Greater opalescence
  • Demineralisation points
  • Darker necks
  • The Delphic tooth – a cost effective solution for NHS dentistry

    This denture is designed for people who want a high quality denture but with a core economical cost. Delphic Acrylic Teeth are renowned for their natural beauty, matching consistent outline and colour blending with exceptional strength and durability.

    Delphic V Acrylic Teeth are available in sixteen shades A1-D4, allowing the create the best aesthetic solutions. Delphic Acrylic Teeth are made to exceed EN ISO 22112 and carry the CE mark. Delphic dentures can be made with Enigma High-Base, a special acrylic that had up to twice the resistance to denture breakage of standard pink plastic bases.

    Delphic teeth enable good quality dentures to be made that combine strength and durability with economical cost.


    Count on the dental technicians at B+M Techniques Ltd for professional services in Exeter and throughout South West.

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